How To Draft Your Top Picks For Caregiving

Team sports are great fun to watch or play.   A winning team draws all the players together.  High fives, hugs, pats on the …back and all other acts of joy.  A losing team has a much different reaction. Sometimes a team leader will extend an embrace or some other act of consolation but for the most part, the defeated tend to remain solitary in a mental review of what went wrong.

Caregiver is a team sport.  Our goal is to help you be on the winning team.  Winning at caregiving does not imply all physical and emotional sufferings are erased.  A winning team here means all the players worked in tandem for the best results.

I invite you to download our six series podcast to listen to It Takes a Team to Care.  The broadcasts feature two social workers who were caregivers, one for a spouse living together providing daily care and one for a parent living one thousand miles removed.  Together we share our experiences at a professional and personal level.

Top Five Ways to Create a Winning Team:

  1. Game Plan.  Who will be the coach?  Be sure to appoint a team coach that is the most knowledgeable about your loved one’s directives.  We cover setting up your team in Episode One How to Succeed in Caregiving.
  2. Team positions.  One family member maybe a great cook, assign meal preparation and delivery.  Who can provide transportation? What about personal care? Episode Two covers all the Activities of Daily Living tasks required in caring.  Episode Two What Are ADLs and iADLs?
  3. Injury prevention.  Maintaining a safe home environment is essential for minimizing injuries on and off the field.  Every team member needs to participate in mitigating hazards to be successful. Episode Three Building Safe Environments
  4. Play Book.  Every team has their own secret game plan for winning.  Caregiving is no different. What community resources and services need to be included on your team to win?  Episode Four Finding Solutions in Caregiving
  5. Game Day!  So now is the moment to pull it all together.  In caregiving we call this Care Management. We win by interacting with the physician and other health professionals on the field.  Episode Five Working with Your Healthcare Team

Success!  It Takes a Team to Care!  Now we turn our attention to celebrating your team work with Episode Six Caregivers, It’s All About You  

No one wants to be on a losing team.  The isolation of caregiving without a team is not only emotionally but physically devastating.  Caregivers, build your team around you. Reach out for help from local faith communities, social service agencies, support groups, your physician’s office staff and other healthcare providers in your life.  It Takes a Team to Care!