Caregiver Corner

  • Get started on your caregiving journey by learning from our healthcare professionals.
  • Create your own care team and plan.
  • Set up an Amazon shopping account to consolidate, track and document caregiving expenses.

Daily Activities

  • Brushing, washing, dressing and more are part of the everyday tasks caregivers perform. Daily Activity quick surveys, strategies and recommended products making these routine tasks easier.


  • Self care is essential to recharge a caregiver battery to face another round of tasks.
  • These easy surveys highlight the emotional, physical and spiritual elements followed by recommendations for building energy reserves.

Ability Tracker

  • Ability tracker checkups highlight tasks that the Circle of Care can share in performing to help a caregiver. Ability tracker quick surveys and recommendations encourage caregivers to reach out and ask for help from others.

Safety Checks

  • How safe is the home environment? Safety checks are extensive floor to ceiling inventories of each home area to expose potential hazards and prevent injuries.

Amazon Shopping

  • The one stop shopping center for Amazon products and services selected by the health care team for their quality and cost.   Amazon customer service access is a centralized business center for managing purchases and track caregiving expenses.